What About Your First Month with Dentures?

June 22, 2023

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If you’ve just gotten dentures, you’re likely eager to use them. After all, they’ll address your tooth loss and restore your smile’s full look! Still, don’t forget that dentures involve an adjustment process. You’ll likely need a month before they start feeling familiar to you. Fortunately, your Austin dentist can help you learn what those first 30 days will look like. With that said, here’s a summary of the typical first month with dentures and how to adjust more easily.

What Happens in the First Month with Dentures?

During your first month with dentures, you can expect several noteworthy developments. Divided according to time period, they are the following:

The First 24 Hours

Your gums will inevitably be sore from your first day with dentures. That’s only natural; they’ll need longer before the prosthetics feel okay. In fact, you’ll need to wear the dentures to bed – the appliance acts as a bandage for your gum tissue during these hours.

Given the discomfort, only eat soft foods during this period. Products like yogurt, soup, or mashed potatoes won’t further irritate your gums.

The First Two Weeks

After the initial 24 hours, you’ll see your dentist several times over two weeks. The first visit will let them remove the dentures without harming your gums. From there, the later ones will ensure the prosthetics fit comfortably.

For these 14 days, you may experience dental discomfort or pain. It’s also possible that you’ll develop sore spots from the new teeth. To reduce potential aches, supplement meals with a protein-rich drink.

After the 14-Day Mark

Ideally, you’ll be better adjusted to dentures after the first two weeks. You likely won’t even have as many sore spots. Plus, chewing your food and speaking should come more easily.

Granted, you may lisp with dentures at this point. Even so, there’s no cause for alarm; this effect will fade with practice and time.

How Can You Make Adjustment Easier?

Of course, it’s possible to adjust to dentures a bit more quickly. Just try using the following tips:

  • Avoid Certain Foods – Hard and sticky foods aren’t just bad for braces; they also harm dentures. You could easily damage your new teeth by biting into them if you’re not careful.
  • Take Smaller Bites – Once you’ve resumed a normal diet, cut tougher foods into bite-sized pieces. This approach makes chewing with your back teeth easier. Better yet, it lets you get accustomed to the new chewing motions.
  • Always Practice – To speak well with dentures, try reading from books or newspapers aloud. Also, keep a running list of difficult words. These things will make speaking easier over time.

The first month with dentures is a tricky one. That being the case, remember the outline and tips above!

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