Oral Conscious Dental Sedation – Lakeway, TX

What Real Relaxation Feels Like

Oral conscious dental sedation from our Lakeway, TX sedaiton dentist concentrates on dampening the central nervous system. This creates an elevated feeling of calmness and relaxation. As one of our sedation dentistry services, oral sedation can provide the relief you’re looking for. We welcome dental patients and families from all over to our Lakeway dental studio. Oris Dental Studio was created to provide an elevated and modern dental experience. 

Usually administered in pill form, oral conscious sedation is moderate in effects. When treating younger children, a liquid form of the sedation medication may be used. The relaxing effects aren’t instantaneous, it’s important to take the medication as instructed by your dental professional. That way you will be calm and in a state of ease when it’s time for your treatment.

The sedation medicine will make you somewhat groggy; it’s possible that you may enter a light sleep. Oral conscious sedation may be preferred if it is important for the patient to be able to communicate during the procedure. Apart from the feeling of easiness, one may also experience temporary memory impairment and declining motor functions. This can be ideal for certain procedures. 

At Oris Dental Studio, your sophisticated dental experience can be amplified with sedation dentistry. Turning a great thing even better can be quite the challenge. But from firsthand accounts, we have seen the benefits of oral conscious sedation in our current patients. Oral conscious sedation could be the ideal choice to enhance an already elevated dental experience. 

Our exquisite dental studio is located minutes away from the Bee Cave, Lakeway, and The Hills areas. Contact us to learn more about Oris Dental Studio and to schedule an appointment with our smile consultants.