Dental Implants – Lakeway, TX

Just Like Nature

As the closest option to natural teeth, dental implants offer great functionality and beautiful aesthetics. At Oris Dental Studio, we are well equipped to provide beautiful smile restoration services to the Lakeway, Bee Cave, and The Hills communities in West Austin, Texas. As a dental studio that couples design with functionality, dental implants from our Lakeway, TX dentist are often our first recommendation for patients interested in restorative dental options. 

Teeth implants are permanently placed into the jawbone and are secured with a screw-like dental post. Our smile consults are able to design and create beautiful implants with the use of the latest technology found in our studio. The intra-oral scanners and intra-oral cameras allow us to design the smile of your dreams with great accuracy.

Oris Dental Studio is known for designing stunning smiles that allow our patients to take on the world smile first. Our design philosophy is an unwavering marriage of beautiful aesthetics and proper functionality. Once your perfect tooth replacement has been crafted, it will be placed directly into the jawbone. The dental post supporting it will serve as the root and your jawbone will grow around the dental post. 

Dental implants are not limited to one tooth replacement. If you’re a patient with various missing teeth, dental implants can be the solution. Our expert smile consults will take the time to expertly craft each implant, ensuring a proper fit and second-to-none craftsmanship. 

If you or a family member could benefit from our dental implant services, contact us to schedule a consult. We can offer multiple restorative recommendations based on our full evaluation. Discover an elevated form of dentistry at Oris Dental Studio.