Severe Gag Reflex – Lakeway, TX

Put Your Concerns to Rest

Treating dental patients with a severe gag reflex in our Lakeway, TX dental office can require some finesse. It can be cumbersome to provide effective dental care to these dentistry patients; many dentists avoid it. The experienced dental team we count on at Oris Dental Studio is well equipped to treat and take care of patients with a severe gag reflex and other special needs. Our state-of-the-art dental studio is conventionally located in Lakeway, Texas. 

Patients with a severe gag reflex often gag as soon as any dental instrument enters their mouth. This is where treatment difficulties come in; it’s hard for dental professionals to effectively treat the patient if they are gagging. Not every dental professional has the patience or the technical awareness to provide treatment to patients with this condition. 

We have found that in plenty of cases, patients with a sensitive gag reflex are often uncomfortable in a dental setting. The gagging they experience is a result of their uneasiness and potential dental anxiety. The Oris Dental Studio experience counts on a relaxing environment, supported by our comfort amenities and sensational service. Sometimes a more relaxing experience is all that is needed to alleviate a severe gag reflex.

A severe gag reflex can also simply be a physical condition and is uncontrollable. Our Oris Dental Studio smile consultants will still do everything in their control to make you feel as comfortable as possible. But with these cases, we do advise considering a sedation dentistry option. It will allow your mouth and mind to relax. Our qualified dental professionals will then be able to treat you effectively and thoroughly. 

If you have been avoiding dental care because of a severe gag reflex, you don’t have to anymore. At Oris Dental Studio, we effectively treat patients with a severe gag reflex with an elevated level of care. We welcome patients from the West Austin area, including Bee Cave, Lakeway, and The Hills. Contact us to schedule an appointment.