Nightguards for Bruxism – Lakeway, TX

Sleep Easy Once Again

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a lot more common than you may think. It can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. Your jaw and teeth have an enormous amount of force. When you’re not biting into something, that force is applied directly to your teeth. An alarming amount of dental patients clench or grind their teeth when they are asleep. It’s hard to eliminate this habit when you’re not conscious. Custom dental nightguards for bruxism from our Lakeway, TX dentist are the ideal solution to prevent dental damage from unconscious teeth grinding.

It was necessary to include fully custom dental night guards as part of our general dentistry services. Through years of experience, we’ve seen patients whose excessive grinding has caused the enamel on their teeth to be removed. Your tooth enamel serves as a protective barrier and is important to the integrity of your teeth. Our providers strongly rely on dental night guards to prevent unwanted complications in the future.

Oris Dental Studio meticulously designs fully custom dental night guards for our patients. We operate on functional and aesthetic design principles, meaning we will never compromise either of the two. Impacting your sleep in a negative way is not an option. That is why we ensure that your sleep mouth guard offers a one-to-one fit; you deserve to be comfortable when you rest. Serving as full protection from grinding and clenching your custom night guard should be worn every night. In numerous cases, we have also seen patients benefit from better sleeping patterns with the introduction of a nightguard. Airflow is improved, and snoring is greatly reduced.

Don’t wait until your teeth have been worn down, it’s time to protect your stunning smile while you sleep. Contact us to set up a consultation at Oris Dental Studio. We offer dental night guard services to the surrounding areas of Austin, Bee Cave, The Hills, and many more Texas communities.