Dental Implant Restorations – Lakeway, TX

The Final Touch

Your beautiful dental implants need proper upkeep and solid oral hygiene practices. High-quality dental implants like the ones offered at Oris Dental Studio are crafted to last many decades. But there are times when dental implants need repairs. As part of our restoration dentistry services, we offer dental implant restorations for our Lakeway, TX dental patients. 

It’s important to continue with regular dental care after getting dental implants. While dental implants are prosthetic teeth, they do require very similar maintenance as your natural teeth. Staying on top of regular checkups and dental cleanings can minimize the risk of damage to your implants. If concerns do arise, we’ll be able to identify issues early on and minimize any potential damage.

If your dental implant is experiencing mobility, chances are that the implant has become loose. It is vital to visit us at this point, as the implant could potentially fall out. This usually happens when the bone around the implant changes significantly. It could be deterioration of the bone or another change that caused the shift. But don’t be too alarmed, our implant restoration services have solutions for these exact situations. An Oris Dental Studio smile consultant will evaluate the mobility of your implant and proceed with the appropriate care. 

At Oris Dental Studio, we offer comprehensive implant repairs and restoration services in our state-of-the-art dental space. If you or a family member are experiencing issues with an implant, our smile consultants will provide the treatment you need. Our sophisticated studio serves the Bee Cave, Lakeway, and The Hills communities. Contact us to request a consultation.